Independence - with affordable care when you need it

At Brodribb we value the importance of making retirement and aged care living a comfortable, easy, and hassle-free transition from home living.  Our residents are able to continue living life in a comfortable, independent fashion  with the reassuring knowledge that friendly, expert care is available when required.

Residents of our retirement village are able to enjoy modern units in a quiet location on the edge of Toowoomba’s city centre. The retirement village retains a unique sense of internal and external community for our residents through both its location—allowing easy access to local shops and services—and through McLennan House, our fully restored cottage which sits in the heart of the retirement village site and acts as the village’s community centre.

Retirement village residents are also able to access government funded Home Care Packages (HCP) provided by Brodribb At Home.  This means a wide range of care is available at either no cost or a very reasonable cost. Residents who are quite well, and therefore not eligible for a HCP, can elect to have a variety of services delivered on a user pays basis.

If a resident of our Retirement Village finds that their care needs are such that they need to move into residential care, we are able to assist them to make that move as easily as possible.  Located alongside our Retirement Village is our residential facility. Naturally our residents are given priority for places.

One of the main advantages for residents of our Retirement Village is the certainty that no matter what their care needs become, the staff of Brodribb Home will assist them to access a range of services to ensure their needs are met in a timely and caring manner.

To find out more about our Village phone us on 07 4602 0290 and speak to one of our helpful staff or email

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