Important Points & Village Comparison Document

Licence to Occupy

A right or licence to occupy is granted to approved applicants in return for the payment of an Ingoing Contribution.

Ingoing Contribution

Ingoing contributions currently range from $235,000 for a one bedroom unit (no car parking) to $340,000 for a three bedroom unit with a garage.

Exit Fee

When you leave your unit, the amount you are refunded is basically the amount you paid as an Ingoing Contribution less a Termination Fee of $2,000 and the applicable Exit Fee.

Standard Licence Option
Under the Standard Option the Ingoing Contribution is the Standard Ingoing Contribution shown over the page. The Standard Exit Fee is 6% per year for the first 6 years. The maximum Standard Exit Fee is 36%.

Customised Licence Option
This option enables you and Brodribb Retirement Village to enter into a Residence Contract on terms which are customised to suit your particular circumstances. Terms which we may consider varying include the Ingoing Contribution Amount, the manner in which the Ingoing Contribution is paid and the Exit Fee amount.

Some prospective clients may have a preference to pay a higher Ingoing Contribution with lower Exit Fee percentages to maximise their pension. Others may wish to pay a lower Ingoing Contribution with higher Exit Fee percentages. We are happy to discuss these option with you and provide some examples of alternatives available

Fees Payable

The basic ongoing fees payable for residents of the Village are currently:

General Fees $80.64/week
Maintenance Reserve Fund Fees $19.67/week
Gas Fees for one bedroom units only $8.40/week

These fees cover repairs & maintenance of the communal areas and exterior of the units. They also cover building insurance, mowing, security service, emergency call system, management fees, rates and water charges. Some of these fees continue after you leave the unit until it is resold.

Residents’ Responsibilities

Residents are responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing all fixtures, fittings, furnishings, equipment and appliances within the Unit. They are also responsible for insuring their own belongings and for paying any telephone, electricity and gas charges which pertain to their unit. (Note: The gas charge for one bedroom units is $8.40/week as noted above.

Village Comparison Document

From 1 February 2019, all Retirement Villages in Queensland are required to give prospective Residents their Village Comparison Document. Please click on the link below to see our Village Comparison Document.

Download Village Comparison Document

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