Personal and Care Services


Home Care Services

Provided a resident is assessed as being eligible, they are able to access a Home Care Package (HCP) which is subsidised by the Federal Government. The aim of a HCP is to enable residents, where possible, to remain in their own units and retain as much independence as possible. A HCP delivers a choice of services from a wide range including assistance with showering, dressing, preparing meals, laundry, housework, shopping, medical appointments, medication management, administering eye drops, changing dressings and emotional support. It does not include meals, but this can be arranged at an additional cost.

For further details and for information on costs, please refer to the Home Care sections of our web site.

Other Personal Services

Residents of our units who are not eligible for a Home Care Package or only need assistance for a short time,  may elect to pay for particular personal services. Similarly residents receiving Community Care Packages may elect to pay extra to receive additional services. These include the following:

  • Main Midday Meal Delivered at lunch time $9.50 per day
  • Sandwiches delivered at lunch time $5.50 per day
  • Linen Service (sheets & towels) $30.00 per bag
  • Cleaning Service $10.50 per 15 minutes
  • Personal Care (e.g. assistance with bathing & dressing) $10.50 per 15 minutes*
  • Specialised Nursing Services $18.75 per 15 minutes *

* The above services are available to all residents in our Retirement Village by prearrangement. The costs quoted above for Personal Care and Specialised Nursing Services are for services delivered from 7am-4pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.  Services are also available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays – higher costs apply on these days.  Generally services are not available after 4pm or before 7am, but residents in our one bedroom units are able to prearrange some services at limited times outside of these hours.

An emergency phone system (Tunstall) provides all residents in the Brodribb Retirement Village with assistance in an emergency.

Registered Nurse Clinics

All Retirement Village residents are able to ring and make an appointment to see a Registered Nurse at Brodribb Home. There is no cost for this service, except that of any consumables used – for example dressings which may be applied. The type of services available include blood pressure checks, wound care, blood glucose monitoring, incontinence care, medication reviews and medical information and education.

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